About The Webunet Group

Owner and Founder is Tom Heatherington who since 1993, has been involved in the commercial sector of the Internet when he co-founded of one of America's first ISPs in Dallas, TX.  The company, PICnet, was responsible for many Internet 'firsts' such as streaming audio, multi-domain hosting, online website creation and wireless email (to PDAs & pagers).

PICnet's customers included such notables as Frito-Lay, Virgin Records and Texas Rangers MLB, but our primary focus was helping small businesses adapt to online marketing.  PICnet was acquired by Netcom in 1995 and as a subsidiary, created the largest hosting company in the world with more than 26,000 domains.

Internet Business Author

The Complete Small Business Internet GuideTom is the author of "The Complete Small Business Internet Guide" (published by Macmillan/QUE).  A book designed to help businesses create, set up and maintain a website without having to invest significant time and money in the process. Written for those who didn't know how or where to begin. His second book was the SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide.

Internet Marketing Consultant

Managing a business today is more challenging than it has ever been. In addition to managing your facility, products, employees, customers, finances, advertising and promotion and all that goes with it, you’re also required to be an online digital marketing guru. Digitally focused marketing is now a requirement!

Today you need a website that is marketing focused, and you need to know how to promote it online to get traction. Oh, and by the way, you also need to be targeting customers who use their smartphones for Internet access because that is now 50% or more of your audience – and growing every day.

“They” say that you must also have a Facebook page with tons of followers and you need to add Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, YouTube and other social sites into the mix just to stay relevant. The online marketing piece has become the most important part of your marketing mix. Even if people see or hear your ad (offline), most will still go online to get more information – and they must be able to find you!

  • Your business is built on customers!
  • You need more customers to grow your business.
  • Your customers search online for your products and services.

Your #1 Business Challenge is marketing in a digital world

the Trend is Your Friend

mobile_marketing_montanaToday, the most important trend in Internet technology is the meteoric growth of smartphones and Tablet PCs. Internet access is now ubiquitous, instantly accessible and users have come to use it and depend on it in a way that no one had predicted. This trend will only continue to grow to the point that smartphones and tablets will soon eclipse laptops and desktops as the top Internet access devices. Ready or not, the future is here; the trend is established!