SEO Objectives

  • Help people to find your website
  • Make your website search engine friendly
  • Improve content and maximize crucial keywords
  • increases back-links (votes) to the website
  • Make the site perform better in search results (SERPS)
  • Improve the user experience, increase conversions

How to make your website work as hard as you do!

Your website is your most powerful marketing asset and lead generation tool, but ONLY if it is optimized to attract targeted traffic. You will need to build a list of loyal followers - and market to your social network. Learn how to create a lasting, highly effective and compelling lead-generating web presence that will grow exponentially over time...

SEO is about tactical online marketing

Making sure that people who want to buy your stuff can find your website.

SEO involves onsite and offsite procedures that once in place, last virtually forever.  Traffic increases over time as search engines recognize and reward relevancy and quality when updating their algorithms.

SEO enables your website to attract targeted prospects

There are potentially hundreds of on-site factors that influence a web page’s rank in Google’s search results. A few important tweaks include:

  • keyword term in the title tag
  • All images should have an "ALT" description
  • keyword terms in the body text
  • keyword terms in bold or italics
  • keyword terms in header tags
  • keyword terms in anchor text
  • keyword terms in image filenames
  • keyword terms in page filenames
  • f the site is 'mobile friendly
  • the loading speed of the web page
  • the age of the domain
  • the years a domain is registered in advance
  • Links pointing to the domain
  • …and hundreds of other measurable elements
Search Results

There are only 2 ways to get traffic online...

BUY it - or - ATTRACT it!  BUY traffic using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or banners and other impression-based ad campaigns.  ATTRACT it organically using tactical onsite and offsite search engine optimization techniques, and implementing a calculated social media strategy.

SEO & Social media are the 'Secret Sauce' of online marketing.